Claire Southwick has been elected as a board member of the MMF (Music Managers Forum UK), the largest representative body of artist management in the world.

Following its Annual General Meeting in July 2017, the Music Managers Forum has announced results of its board elections. The MMF have also announced the first 5 board members to be elected under a new voting process. Designed to increase diversity and inclusivity, this will see the organisation’s 16-person board rotate on an annual basis – with members elected to serve a fixed three-year term, and with at least 5 members required to stand down each year to make way for a newly-elected group.

The first board members to be elected under the new system are:

Claire Southwick (Primitive Management)
• Ellie Giles (Various Artists)
• Paul Crockford (Paul Crockford Management)
• Steven Braines (The Weird & Wonderful)
• Tom Burris (ie:music)

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