David Pye

Coming from a prolific and varied background as an engineer at The Mill Studio (Norfolk), and Leeders Farm, David’s main aim as a Producer is to remove any technical obstacles between an artist and their creativity.

As an engineer David has worked with Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Egyptian Hiphop, iLikeTrains), Rob Ellis (2:54, Fredrika Stahl), and Rollo Armstrong (UTRB, Dido, Faithless) among many, many others.

As a producer he has made and mixed records with Trudy and the Romance, Blaenavon, Brolin, Jarbird and Kyla La Grange.

David’s production rests on putting the opinions and wishes of the artist at the forefront, and shining the brightest and truest light on those as a starting point. Whether it’s bleak, atmospheric minimal electronica, or rawkus, visceral punk-rock, he believes the artist already understands their own vision clearer than anyone else can.


David's CV

Wild Beasts
Two Dancers (Mercury Nominated Domino album) – Eng
Smother (Domino album) – Eng

Egyptian Hip Hop
Good Don’t Sleep (Atlas album) – Eng

Until The Ribbon Breaks
A Lesson Unlearnt (Kobalt Label Services Album) – Eng/Mix
A Taste Of Silver (Universal US EP) – Eng/Mix

Wooden Arms
(Forthcoming Independent Album) – Prod/Rec/Mix
Burial Single

Dingus Khan
Forthcoming (Antigen Records Album) – Prod/Rec/Mix

Horse (Antigen Records EP) – Mix
Diving Bell/Latvian (Antigen Records Single) – Mix

Koso (Transgressive EP) – Prod/Rec/Mix
Into The Night (Transgressive single) – Prod/Rec/Mix

Such Is This House & Cairo – Co-prod/Mix
Bad Celebrity Poetry – Eng/Mix

Eyes of Others (John Maclean Bryden)
Base Trill EP – Co-prod/Mix

2:54 (Fiction album) – Eng
Scarlet (Fiction EP tracks) – Eng

Reykavik & Barcelona (Cundo EP Double Denim Records) – Co-prod/Rec/Mix

The Soft
Uncanny Valley (Ceremony Recordings EP) – Co-prod/Rec/Mix

Kyla La Grange
Lyssa (Sony Album Track) – Prod/Rec/Mix

Aftermath (Sinnbus album) – Co-prod/Mix

Spring Offensive
Carrier, Ridgefield & Worry Fill My Heart singles – Prod/Eng

Pete Lawrie
All That We Keep (Island Records single) – Eng/Mix
How Can I Complain (Island Records EP) – Mix

Dog Is Dead
Tracks (Atlantic) – Eng

The Temper Trap
Love Lost Faithless Remix (Infectious Records) – Mix

I Like Trains
The Shallows album – Eng

Book Club (Barely Regal singles series) – Prod/Eng/Mix
Ep (Evil Pop) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Fredrika Stahl
Off To Dance (Sony France album) – Mix

Fever Fever
Pins (Gravy single) – Eng/Mix
Monster (Cherryade Records single) – Prod/Eng/Mix
Bloodless (Cherryade Records EP) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Imelda May
Proud And Humble (Decca single) – Eng

Let Your Anger Leave You (Intruder Records EP) – Prod/Eng/Mix

My Life As A Beast And Lowly Form (Rough Trade album) – Eng

The Dance (Nates’ Tunes album) – Eng/Mix

Teenage Fanclub
Shadows (Creation/Merge album) – Eng

The Cads
Lessons: Illustrated (Deadsurfer album) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Brothergang EP (Gravy Records) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Girl Who Got Away (Sony BMG album) – Eng/Mix

Aux Innocent
Mini album (Intruder Records) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Sargasso Trio
Get to Grips (Hungry Audio album) – Prod/Eng/Mix
Burnin’ Burnin’ Burnin’ (Tummytouch album) – Prod/Eng/Mix
EP 1 (Tummytouch Records) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Catherine Feeney
Hurricane Glass (Tallgrass/EMI album) – Eng

The Kabeedies
Rumpus (NRONE album) – Eng

The Rushes
Various tracks (Island Records) – Eng

Album tracks (Island Records) – Eng

Various tracks (RCA Records) – Eng

The Crimea
Secrets Of The Witching Hour album – Eng

Lithium Ion (NRONE EP) – Prod/Eng/Mix
Lions Tigers And Bears (NRONE album) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Violet Violet
Ebony And Ivory (NRONE EP) – Prod/Eng/Mix
The City Is Full Of Beasts (NRONE album) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Uh Ohs
Cash Rich (Cherryade Records single) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Foreign Office
Voices (This Playground Records single) – Eng

The Barlights
If It Wasn’t For The Light (NRONE album) – Prod/Eng/Mix

Ray Brower
Aye Aye Clich (Wetnurse Records EP) – Eng

Def Tex
Thanks But No Thanks (Son Records album) – Eng
Freaks (Son Records single) – Eng

One Way Kiss (Wetnurse Records album) – Eng



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