Paul Savage

Former drummer with The Delgados and co-founder of the hugely influential Chemikal Underground label and Chem 19 Studio, Paul Savage has worked on some seminal albums including; Mogwai’s ‘Youg Team and ‘Rave Tapes’; Arab Strap’s ‘Philophobia’ & ‘The Last Romance , King Creosote’s ‘Flick The V’s’ and Wu Lyf’s ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’. Paul also co-produced all 5 Delgados’ albums including the Mercury nominated ‘The Great Eastern’.

He is a deserved previous winner of the MPG Awards ‘Breakthrough Producer Of The Year’ Award and the Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat album that Paul Produced, recorded and mixed also won the Scottish album of the year award.

Paul is an extremely versatile producer, having worked on a huge variety of styles. Most recently Paul has produced, recorded and mixed Emma Pollock’s critically acclaimed album ‘In Search Of Harperfield’, which had several tracks playlisted on 6 Music, plus the enigmatic I Have A Tribe’s album ‘Beneath A Yellow Moon’. Paul also produced and mixed the last 3 Deacon Blue albums.


Paul's CV

Rave Tapes (Rock Action/Sub Pop album) Rec/Prod/Mix
Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Rock Action/Sub Pop album) Rec/Prod/Mix
Young Team (Chemikal Underground/Jetset album and singles) Rec/Mix
Ten Rapid (Early singles collection) Rec/Mix

The Phantom Band
Checkmate Savage (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix
The Wants (Chemikal Underground) Prod/Rec/Mix
Strange Friend (Chemikal Underground album) Rec
Fears Trending (Chemikal Underground album) Rec

Dry The River
Alarms In The Heart (Transgressive Records album) Mix/Add Prod

Wu Lyf
Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (Lyf Recordings album and singles) Mix/Add Prod

Twilight Sad
Forget The Night Ahead (Fat Cat album) Co-Prod/Rec/Mix
Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters (Fat Cat album) Rec

Admiral Fallow
Tree Bursts In Snow (Nettwerk album) Prod/Mix
Boots Met My Face album Prod/Rec/Mix
Tiny Rewards (Nettwerk Album)

We Were Promised Jetpacks
Unravelling – (Fat- Cat Album) Rec/Prod/mix

King Creosote
Flick The V’s (Domino album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Bombshell (679/WEA album) Rec/Drums
From Scotland With Love (Domino album) Rec/Mix

Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells
Everything’s Getting Older (Chemikal Underground album) Rec/Prod/Mix
The Most Important Place In The World (Chemikal Underground album) Rec/Prod/Mix

Deacon Blue
The Hipsters (Edsel album & singles) Prod/Rec/Mix
A New House (Album) Prod/Rec/Mix

Arab Strap
Philophobia (Chemikal Underground/Matador album) Rec/Mix
The Week Never Starts Round Here (Chemikal Underground album) Rec/Mix
The Last Romance (Chemikal Underground/Transdreamer album) Co-Prod /Rec

Franz Ferdinand
Tonight (Domino album & singles) Rec
All Of My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover) Eng

Primal Scream
Goodbye Johnny (1st International single) Mix

The Delgados
Domestiques (Chemikal Underground/Beggars album)Co-Prod/Rec/Mix/Drums
Peloton (Chemikal Underground /Beggars album) Co-Prod/Rec/Mix/Drums
The Great Eastern (Chemikal Underground /Beggars album) Co-Prod/Drums
Hate (Mantra album) Co-ProdDrums
Universal Audio (Chemikal Underground album) Co-Prod/Drums

Miaoux Miaoux
Light Of The North (Chemikal Underground album) Mix

Jonny  (Alsatian Records album) Rec/Mix

Factorycraft (Chemikal Underground album) Mix

Bwani Junction
Fully Cocked (Aksatak album) Rec/Prod/Mix
Tongue Of Bombie (Aksatak Album) Rec/Prod/Mix

Touchdown (Fat Cat album) Rec/Mix

Emma Pollock
Watch the Fireworks (4AD album) Co-Prod/Rec/Drums
The Law Of Large Numbers (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix

The Burns Unit
Sideshow (Proper Distribution album) Rec/Mix

Alasdair Roberts
Too Long In This Condition (Navigator Records album) Rec/Mix

End Game (Album) Rec/Prod/Mix

Sparrow & The Workshop
Murderopolis (Song By Toad Album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Crystals Fall (Distiller Records album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Into The Wild (Distiller Records mini album) Mix

Kick (Chemikal Underground album) Rec

Camera Obscura
Lets Get Out Of This Country (Merge single tracks) Rec/Mix

Young Rebel Set
Crocodile (Ignition Records) Prod/Rec/Mix

The Unwinding Hours
The Unwinding Hours (Chemikal Underground album) Rec

Come On Gang
Strike A Match album Prod/Mix

Lord Cut-Glass
Lord Cut-Glass (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix

Malcolm Middleton
Sleight Of Heart (Full Time Hobby album) Rec/Mix/Drums
5.14, Fluoxytine, Seagull, Alcohol, John, Nicotine (Chemikal Underground album) Rec
Into The Woods (Chemikal Underground album) Rec/Drums

Zoey Van Goey
Propellor Versus Wings (Chemikal Underground) Prod/Rec/Mix
The Cage Was Unlocked All Along (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix

Wake The President
You Can’t Change That Boy (Electric Honey album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Zumutung! Prod/Rec/Mix

The Fruit Tree Foundation
First Edition album Rec/Mix

A Story In White (Chemikal Underground album) Eng/Mix

Teenage Fanclub
Man Made (Merge singles) Eng/Mix

Souvenir (Killing Moon Ep) Mix

Mother And The Addicts
Take The Lovers Home Tonight (Chemikal Underground album) Co-Prod/Rec
Science Fiction Illustrated (Chemikal Underground) Co-Prod/Rec/Mix

Sluts Of Trust
We Are Sluts Of Trust (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix

Ballads Of The Book
Various Artists incl. Vashti Bunyan, King Creosote, James Yorkston,
Mike Heron, Trashcan Sinatras  (Chemikal Underground album) Eng/Mix



Lost In France: Nationwide Event Screening

Lost in France, a documentary on the rise of Glasgow’s independent music scene in the 1990s, led by local record label Chemikal Underground which was set up by members of the Delgados including our own Paul Savage, is released in cinemas across the UK this week. The...